I strive to understand people's problems and find insights that make their lives become just a little smoother. Contact me.


Product Design
User Experience Design
Front-end Web Development
Interaction Design

Design/Market/User Research
Journey Mapping

Backbone, Ruby/on Rails

Education / Qualifications

Simon Fraser University
September 2011 to June 2017

BSc in Interactive Arts and Technology
A human-focused multidisciplinary design program that combines the science of the mind with the creative arts to create meaningful human experiences.
Design: researching, ideating, designing, prototyping, iterating
Interactive Systems: analyzing, architecting, developing

Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
A teamwork-focused business program, working with real, early-stage startups by identifying market needs and innovations, creating feasible business models, and planning and managing projects.
Business model canvas, innovation adoption, project planning, startup financing

My Story

“Life only gets harder” is a sentiment I try to follow. Doing hard things mean stepping outside my comfort zone, and is one of the best ways I can learn and change into a better person.

Growing up, I loved to draw and invent fictional cities and corporations, and tinker with tech. This transformed into a passion for art and technological innovations. I'm glad I found myself entering the design field as it fit into both passions - creating something new and being able to make it real.

I approach design in that it is not only about creating an appealing product for an audience, but also creating meaningful, sustainable relationships with them through technology.

  • I collaborate with teammates to generate, bounce, and improve ideas;
  • I bring design insights through research, observation, and understanding of the subject matter;
  • I prototype quickly-even with new tools-to get feedback.

Interests ⛰🏋️‍🛸

My curiosity drives me to go hiking, biking and exploring the mountains, coasts, and neighbourhoods. God gives me strength to do the best I can, so I also volunteer at my church, managing the A/V and designing posters and invitations (a great place for me to get better at visual design). At home I’m drawn to video games (and tv shows), particularly in the genres of sci-fi and simulation. Currently my favourites are: Overwatch, Cities Skylines, The Expanse

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